Dontay’s inferno is designed to give everyone a challenge no matter what your skill level is.

The overall goal is to get results but to also enjoy the transformation of the body, your life, and your overall health and wellbeing!


Total Workout

"Working with Dontay Moch has been not only already made a huge difference if my work capacity and body composition, but the amount of knowledge and positive thinking that he exudes has been by far the most important aspect to me. I look forward to not only continuing the journey of changing my body but also learning more about pushing the human body to its limits in a safe and effective manner."

- Eric Wynne


Excellent Work

"Dontay has a natural ability to understand what it takes to get the most out of each and every person he trains with. I have completed 5 full ironman races and I can promise you I'm in shape but Dontay has consistently found my weaknesses and help me work through them I highly recommend him as a person and as a trainer"

- David Beebe


Best Program

"I have only been working with Dontay for 1 month. I am inspired by his commitment to my gaining back strength and becoming healthy! His passion makes me know I can do this! I already have gained strength and confidence that I never believed I could have."

- Malka Arony


Best Training

"Wanted to improve my jumping skills got the chance to work with Dontay and the inferno. Let's just say he gets the job done! "

- Jacoby Ford


Total Workout

"Wanted to lean down and keep my muscle size and improve my strength Dontay and his team allowed me to do so"

- Chaz Sutton


High Impact Workout

"I work with Dontay with my nutrition. I wanted to gain muscle weight and keep my speed, he help me achieve it."

- Rico Richardson


Extreme Workouts

"After moving ton Arizona I was looking to change up my workout and get more strength and speed. I ended up working with Dontay's Inferno after searching around and trying different gyms. His workouts were intense, pushing, and motivatingwhich pushed me to where I wanted to be at."

- Jordan mudge


Pushed to the Limit

"If you're looking for beast workout this is the man you want to go see. His work ethic is gold. The way he connects with his clients is unbelievable. He literally brings the best out of them on the daily. Dontay Inferno brought the best out of me on the daily and gave me his all on a daily basis. My Speed, Power, and Agility immediately improved working with Dontay. All ages, shapes, and sizes I recommend this man because his knowledge is Elite in the fitness and sports world. Dontay is constantly looking to perfect his craft. I really appreciate this man's time and effort. I'm blessed to have him."

- Marqell Colston


State of the Art Workouts

"Dontays inferno is all about dedication to self from the state of the art workouts he has me doing to the results I have been seeing. Not only do I feel great but Dontay has given me confidence and taught me the why and why nots of fitness. This guy is going places"

- Jordan L